Solar for All is a new program by NYSERDA that provides a free solar subscription to income-eligible residents to cover part of their electricity usage.

Solar for All allows eligible customers to:

  • Join the program without paying upfront costs, fees, or payments to participate.

  • Enroll in a trusted community solar projects program supported by NYSERDA and New York State.

  • Obtain a free subscription to a local community solar project.

  • Gain access to solar regardless if you own or rent.

  • Receive solar energy without installing or maintaining any equipment on your home or property.

  • Keep the same local utility provider without making any changes.

  • Cancel the subscription at any time without penalties or payments.

By participating in the program, customers will:

  • Receive monthly solar credits that can save you money by lowering your electric bill.

  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint and contribute to the economic growth of your community.

  • Join other New Yorkers who already take advantage of the benefits of clean energy.


You may be eligible if you pay your own utility bill and receive utility or federal assistance (such as the Home Energy Assistance Program), or have income under 60% of the state median income. Learn more about eligibility here.

Learn More

You can learn more about Solar for All and apply online here. You may also download a paper application here. If you have questions, or want help, feel free to reach out to a Community Energy Advisor, or contact NYSERDA directly at or call 1-877-NYSMART.