Multifamily Buildings

There are several programs to support energy efficiency in multi-family buildings. Some can help the whole building, while others are targeted to help units with low-income tenants.

NYSEG Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program

This program provides FREE equipment replacement for lighting, faucet aerators, showerheads and pipe insulation, and incentives for installation of exit sign lighting. Learn more and find an application here.

NYSERDA Multi-Family Programs

NYSERDA has a number of programs to help multifamily buildings (with 5+ units) become more efficient.

A certified contractor will help you apply for the programs and qualify for the different incentives available.

Click here to learn more about the programs, including how to get started and financing.

Low-Income Tenant Programs

The Weatherization Assistance Program and EmPower New York programs, in addition to serving 1-4 unit homes, can also serve multi-family homes (up to 100 units in the case of EmPower). In this case, the amount of work that can be done is determined by the number of income-eligible tenants, and income information from each tenant is required.