Renewable Heating

Small businesses and non-profits have several options for renewable heating, including heat pumps, and pellet boilers. These are green heating solutions that can leave some greenbacks in your pockets as well. Low-interest financing options are also available.

Heat Pumps

Air-source and ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps are increasingly being used in commercial buildings, providing heat in winter and cooling in summer, with very low operational costs.

NYSERDA offers significant rebates on heat pump technology. For Ground-Source Heat Pumps ("Geothermal"), there are two tiers of incentives:

  • Small systems—those that use 10 or less tons of cooling capacity—are eligible for rebates of $1,500 per ton of cooling capacity.

  • Large systems—those that use more than 10 tons of cooling capacity—are eligible for rebates of $1,200 per ton of cooling capacity.

For Air-Source Heat Pumps, NYSERDA offers $500 per qualified ASHP outdoor unit. In addition, NYSEG offers a rebate of $25-$100/ton. Learn more about their HVAC rebates here.

If interested, contact a local heat pump installer. They will be able to give you a quote on the system and help you access the rebates.

Pellet Boilers

NYSERDA's Renewable Heat NY program offers incentives to small and large businesses and non-profits towards the installation of high-efficiency biomass systems. For smaller commercial systems (less than 300 MBtu/h), they offer 45% off the installed cost of a pellet boiler system with thermal storage, plus an additional $5,000 for the documented recycling of an old outdoor (or indoor) wood boiler.

Read more about this program, which has other incentives as well, here. There you can download a list of certified contractors who can work with the program, though there is currently only one with offices in the Southern Tier region: Ehrhart Energy, in Trumansburg, NY.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems generate both heat and electricity at the same time using the same fuel. CHP systems recover the heat created during the power generation and use it to keep the building warm, making these very efficient systems.

NYSERDA offers incentives for the installation of such systems in NYS. Learn more here.

Combined Heat & Power