Solar Commercial

Solar for commercial buildings makes sense. There are state rebates for small and large commercial installations, along with a 30% federal tax credit (more info below). With new regulations about remote net metering, you have the option of installing panels on-site (on your roof or next to your building) or off-site. There are also effective and affordable financing options.

Get a quote from a local solar installer, and be on your way towards reducing your energy bills and powering your own business or non-profit.


There are two main incentives available to commercial buildings:

  1. NYSERDA rebate - a) For installations up to 200 kW, $0.30-0.40/watt (as of Jan 2017; rebate decreases over time); b) For installations over 200 kW, $0.34-0.40/watt (as of Feb 2016; rebate decreases over time)

  2. Federal solar Investment Tax Credit - 30% of cost.

In addition, small businesses in rural areas and farms may qualify for an additional 25% grant for solar energy or other renewable energy systems through the USDA Rural Energy for America Program.