Residential solar is a great choice if you have a suitable location for your solar panels on your roof or property.

Residential solar can be a particularly good investment, with up to two-thirds of the cost being covered by state and federal incentives. If you finance the rest, your monthly payments can be the same as what you are currently paying the utility for electricity.

Read on for a list of contractors who install solar arrays on residences to ask them for a free solar quote, and for a list of incentives. We recommend getting a few quotes from certified local contractors who can help you access the various federal and state incentives, and explore different solar possibilities that are right for you.

You may also want to consider Community Solar and the "Subscription model" of going solar.


Incentives for Residential Solar

There are three main incentives available to homes in the area:

  1. NYSERDA rebate - $0.35-$0.70*/watt (as of Nov 2017; rebate decreases over time)

  2. NYS Tax Credit - 25% of cost, after the rebate, up to $5,000. Credit can be claimed over five years.

  3. Federal Tax Credit - 30% of cost, after the rebate. Valid for projects completed through 2019 (then it decreases).

*Income-eligible households qualify for double the normal NYSERDA rebate (currently, $0.70/watt vs $0.35/watt).

In addition, there are financing options to help pay for the remainder of the cost after incentives.


These contractors provide residential solar services. We encourage you to get quotes from several contractors and to do your research to find one that works for you. There are also lists of contractors for Community Solar and the Subscription Model.