Get a free energy assessment and help cut your energy bills and make your home more comfortable year round

High energy bills? Did you know the average home has leaks that, taken together, are the size of a basketball? It's like leaving a window open in winter! By sealing these cracks and adding insulation, you significantly cut down on the energy used to heat and cool your home, and on your energy bills, and make your home more comfortable. Learn more about energy audits in this video from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Thanks to a state program, home energy assessments, which are valued at over $250, are available to most New York State residents--renters and owners--at no cost. The assessments are performed by professional, certified contractors and help you identify which improvements make sense for your home. Having an energy assessment qualifies you for incentives, rebates, and low-interest loans that can be applied to your energy-efficiency improvements.

Assessments take 2-4 hours. You should accompany the auditor to learn the most about your home and its energy needs. Based on the assessment, contractors will provide you with a report with recommended actions to improve the comfort and safety of your home, as well as reduce your energy bills. The report will provide payback estimates for each of the improvements.

Income eligible homeowners and renters can qualify for programs that cover 50-100% of the cost of improvements!

Contact one of our Community Energy Advisers, and we can help you figure out which incentives and programs you may qualify for, and help explain which discounts, rebates and financing may be available to you, and help you apply. You can read more about these incentives here.

You can also contact a contractor directly to request an audit, or apply online here.