Searching for Savings, The Morses are Sold on Subscription Solar

It was the search for savings that led John and Laurie Morse to solar. They looked into installing solar for their business, then on the roof of their home, but neither worked for them. They finally found a solution a year ago with a subscription solar program, which is providing solar power for their home—at a discount. Here’s their story.

Three Ways to Go Solar

It’s that time of year again—the days are long and hot, and the sun’s rays hit everything. How can this help you get your green back? Solar! While it used to be that if you didn’t have a good spot on your property and enough money in the bank account you were out of luck, but now even renters can go solar with several community solar options—including a subscription model that generally requires no up-front costs. There is even a brand-new New York State program for low-income residents that provides a subscription to solar energy for free.

Read on to see which of the three ways to go solar may be right for you.